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Winding Road

Our Story

We can help you build scalable people practices that are inclusive, competitive, future-focused, and above all, have a strong culture based on values and integrity.  Our brand is honesty, authenticity, practical and ‘get it done”.  We know that businesses need to make money, things aren't always black and white and one size does not fit all. You need pragmatic solutions that work. We can make that happen.

Our purpose is to help small to medium size businesses implement superior people and culture practices.


Meet Karen

Karen is a mom to two boys, and understands how important time and flexibility are. She is a seasoned Human Resource, talent management, and learning development professional with 15 + years of experience in HR related fields. 


Originally from the UK, she is a driven leader and change agent, with a passion for empowering individuals, communities, and organizations through exceptional HR practices. During Karen’s time in HR she has designed multi-year people strategies, built comprehensive skills and capabilities assessments, career navigation tools, led succession planning, developed and evaluated compensation structures, employee engagement programs, and recruitment and retention strategies.


Karen has coached 200+ executives and 325+ high potentials, run 180+ talent roundtable discussions, assisted people in outplacement services, debriefed 360 surveys, ran personal branding workshops, networking workshops, team effectiveness workshops, and owned 250+ C-Suite executive succession plans.


Karen and her husband take community engagement seriously, and started KidsCan Charity in 2016. KidsCan removes barriers for children and youth so they can play, create, build, and flourish.


Karen is a member of Ontario Association of Career Management and a member of Career Professionals of Canada, is a certified Career Strategist, secondary school teacher, guidance counselor, adult facilitator, CTI Coach and Birkman Assessment certified. Karen is also a mentor and advisor for the Junior Achievement program, Durham women's network and the U of T Alumni mentoring network

Karen is one of the most passionate, upfront and bright  HR individuals that I have worked with. She can size up a situation quickly, and with her intellectual agility and knowledge, propose realistic, insightful and smart solutions. She is always on the hunt to learn more, do more and give more. Karen brings her authentic self to everything that she does with high energy and enthusiasm that is infectious. Every day that I worked with Karen, I learned something. Karen is a strong team player, leader and an inspiration.

SVP, Marketing

I found Karen as she was starting her coaching business and took her up on her 1 hour free session. After that first session, I felt I had really connected to her and that she really understood and cared about my career and my future. What I really appreciated was that she took an immediate interest and gave me quick actionable steps, without any pressure to sign up for more sessions. I could have left it at that but I quickly signed up for more coaching and I have loved every minute spent with her. Karen helped me identify what my values and career desires are and approached my personal career situation from a holistic perspective, taking into account my unique timing and background. I would highly recommend Karen as a coach for anyone looking to unlock a better path for their career.

Barbara Y.

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