Our Coaching solutions begin by discovering your Purpose so you can maximize your Impact.

Figure out what you love to do and commit to a plan to make it happen! 

Sometimes we all need a bit of help figuring stuff out. Whether it is understanding what we're really good at, recognizing what truly fulfills and motivates us, or identifying a plan to achieve our goals. 

We can help. And, we've been there. We've changed careers, left companies and managers, started families, gone back to work, and had successes and failures that led to a lot of soul searching. 

One Hit Wonder

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Sometimes, a single coaching session is all you need to gain the clarity and motivation you need to get on your way! During your initial coaching session we will partner with you to understand your priorities, empower you to uncover the answers you are seeking, and enable you to come up with a plan for action. Whether you are looking to work through a specific career issue or prepare for an interview, we've got you covered.


If you'd like additional support after your initial session, our flexible approach allows you to book subsequent sessions on an ad-hoc basis. 

Committed to Coaching

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If you are feeling stuck or unfulfilled, and you're not sure where to start, investing in a coaching package can help you: gain clarity, build a specific skill or develop and execute on a plan for development and change. Our coaching packages start with a minimum of three sessions and include:

  • an upfront intake survey so that we can hit the ground running during our first conversation

  • 45 minute coaching sessions over the phone or via video conference

  • tools and resources to support your learning and action planning

  • email support between sessions

Contact us for more information and to discuss the approach that will best meet your needs!


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As parents who work we know how difficult it is to return to work following a leave, especially if it is an extended leave.  After a busy and emotional time at home, you may feel unsure if you want to return to the work you once did, uneasy about how to strike the right balance, or even question your ability to do the job you left behind. We've been there, and we also know that budgets can run tight when you're on leave. We are pleased to offer affordable rates for moms who are starting to plan for their return to work, to help you through one of the biggest transitions of your career. Please contact us for more details on how we can help you get back to work feeling confident and prepared! 


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Life for students can sure feel complicated, but some creative thinking and an action plan can feel like a breath of fresh air. If you’re the parent of a struggling high school student who’s trying to make big decisions, or a new/almost graduate who thought they’d have a clear path by now, we’re here to help. We will help you think through your core strengths, values and motivators while balancing the practical realities of the future! 

Career SOS

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Looking for some quick help? Do you need a custom cover letter, resume refresh or a LinkedIn upgrade? Book yourself in and we will have you ready to apply in no time!


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