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HR Consulting

You need HR help, but you don't need a full HR department or the fixed cost. You have HR but need more Senior strategic support. Let us help you! We can be your HR on a project or part time basis. We will build your people strategies and help you implement.


"Employees who work under great leaders tend to be happier, more productive and more connected to their organization - and this has a ripple effect that reaches your bottom line."

~ Skey Schooley

Why you need us.

Investing in YOUR people is guaranteed to deliver results!

Losing employees can be expensive; the cost of replacing an employee ranges from 33-200% of their annual salary.


HR is more than firing and hiring people and policies and procedures. Great HR strategy is the foundation of a strong culture, employee satisfaction and retention. Employees who are engaged are more productive and loyal.
Happy teams are good for business. 


Your employees are vital to your business' growth, and bottom line. It's time to put your employees and people strategy at the top of your priority list!

Purpose to Impact will get the most out of your employees, create an amazing culture and best-in-class work environment - and in return, they get the most out of working for your company. 

How it works

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You know it's the best thing to do!


Talent Planning

We can help you identify, develop and invest in the individuals on your team who will take your business to the next level. Succession is Imperative for the health of your business. You need excellent talent planning to ensure your business thrives. People move for new opportunities, retire or change paths, you need to be ready for this.


We help companies assess the current state of their talent pipeline, predict their requirements for the future, and design programs and processes to strategically bridge the gap.

Karen consistently distinguishes her work and brand with a thoughtful, pragmatic, creative and reliably employee-centric approach. Karen has a unique and genuine way of connecting with leaders and employees of all levels that enables her to provide value-adding coaching, feedback, and development support. Her lens on talent management in particular is intuitive, strategic, and rich with insight. I would welcome any opportunity to collaborate with Karen in the future. Any organization that intends to partner with Karen would benefit tremendously from her expertise, experience and sincerest interest in people.


I quickly developed a deep sense of respect and admiration for what Karen brought to the table. She was passionate about doing the right things and doing things right. She had little to no time for unnecessary bureaucracy - something very unique - while being laser focused on improving the overall talent profile for the group. Karen helped me kickstart a comprehensive new grad program (campus - Interns - Coops - Full Time) in less than three months. She brought all groups to the table, ensured that the objectives were well understood and didn't hesitate to assume a leadership role. Karen has this amazing ability to focus and compartmentalize, while never losing sight of the end goals. I admire Karen's sense of purpose and discipline and have no doubt that she will excel in whatever she does.

VP, Technology

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