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HR. Fit for your purpose.

Purpose to Impact is a boutique HR consulting and coaching company that delivers innovative HR solutions to businesses, and career coaching to individuals. We offer an impressive portfolio of professional HR consulting and coaching services that are completely customizable.  Whatever your needs may be, we can make it happen. 

About Us

We are authentic, honest and we get the job done.


We will help you build scalable people practices that are inclusive, competitive, future-focused, and above all, are based on values and integrity. We believe in honesty – even if it’s hard to hear. We understand that businesses need to make money, things aren't always black & white, and one size does not fit all. We will give you objective practical solutions that work - while uplifting your biggest asset: your people - all delivered with a refreshing, authentic approach.

Marble Surface

Does this sound familiar?

You have grown and now need HR support. Or you are growing and need help doing so.

You have tried to do the HR thing by yourself and are not getting the results you want. 

You have high turnover and no retention strategy.

You have googled “HR 101”, “HR Help” or “HR Policies and Procedures” and gotten nowhere.


You still have an employee manual about wearing turtle necks and slacks and being in the office for “face time”  to demonstrate you are “working hard”, and are wondering if you're still in the 90s.

You are using valuable internal resources to manage HR off the side of their desk, taking them away from their work at hand.

You need to keep up in order to retain and attract talent!

HR is MORE than hiring, firing, and employee handbooks. When done right it builds the strong foundation that makes your business tick, YOUR PEOPLE.

Sometimes we all feel a little lost

Struggling to figure out what you love to do? It can be hard to look inward to recognize your true strengths, figure out your transferable skills, and recognize what truly fulfills and motivates you. We take an objective and honest approach to identify a plan that will achieve your goals.



Are you looking for a change? Re-evaluating your career options? Feeling stuck? Can't quite put your finger on what doesn't feel right? Let us help you define your strengths, values, motivators, transferable skills and personal brand.


Student Coaching

Are you making tough decisions about your future? Having a tough time picking courses?  Don’t know what careers there are out there? Let us help you take the anxiety out of what can feel like the biggest decision of your life.


"Great Leaders aren't the best at everything. They find people who are best at different things and get them all on the same team."

~ Eileen Bistrisky

Custom Offerings

We offer several on-demand workshops. 

Available topics include:

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Personal Branding

  • Virtual Burnout and Employee Wellness

  • Leading Virtually

  • Leader 101: Skill Development for Leaders: Performance, Career, Development Planning and Difficult Conversations 

  • Or a completely custom workshop or presentation suited to your needs.

We also facilitate offsite and company / corporate retreats (including planning and strategy sessions).

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